Asset Management and Property Management.

The approach we take in the management of residential, commercial, and operator real estate is that of an operative cash-flow management. The optimisation of real estate income takes centre stage. By developing and repositioning individual properties, our asset management realises substantial appreciation.

On behalf of the owner, Klingsöhr Group handles the commercial and technical management of residential, commercial, and senior-living real estate to preserve or indeed enhance the asset value, and will act as the owner’s representative.

Drawing on the experience of more than 15 years, we handle the cost-driven management of properties, providing any service associable with the facilitation of, and communication with, tenants, authorities, and third-party contractors (e.g. banks, lawyers), and the owner.


  • Commercial asset management
    • Property management
    • Management of tenants and service providers
    • Lease management
    • Payment transactions and property accounting
    • Budgeting
    • Settlement of service charges
    • Surety management
    • Endorsement of rent adjustments
    • Insurance management
    • Periodic transparent reporting
    • Settling accounts with owners
  • Technical property management 
    • Regular tours of the premises to monitor the structural state
    • Closing maintenance contracts and monitoring of maintenance work
    • Acceptance and processing of fault notifications
    • Contracting and supervising ongoing maintenance work
  • Asset management 
    • Financing optimisation
    • Cash-flow optimisation
  • Reporting


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