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Management/ Monitoring

Nationwide 6,200 nursing places

Annual monitoring of around 6,200 care places

Klingsöhr provided monitoring services for over 50 nursing homes with a total of about 6,200 nursing places in 2011 on behalf of the owners. Monitoring, a review process that is usually carried out annually, enables risks to be identified at an early stage and measures to counteract these risks to be initiated. The recoverability of an investment in an operator property and the operator's ability to earn the agreed lease over the long term depend on the competitiveness of the facility. Market developments (prices, quality and occupancy rates), the quality of the building, the quality of nursing care, the range of services provided and the economic viability of operation are therefore analysed regularly. This provides the owner, but also operators and banks, with an effective instrument for monitoring the investment.

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Management/ Monitoring 3
Management/ Monitoring 4

Key Facts

Over 50 nursing homes, clinics and assisted living facilities with a total of around 6,200 beds


  • Location analysis
  • Analysis of the range of services
  • Analysis of the building quality
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of the demographic development
  • Analysis of the quality of care
  • Analysis of the economic efficiency

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