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Newsletter December 2022




Dear readers, 

we all know: The real estate industry is in a state of flux. The demands placed on buildings have changed dramatically, and office properties are particularly affected by this. Real estate in this asset class must meet entirely new criteria, and not just because of ESG - mobile working has fundamentally changed the requirements for the offices of the future.

The Institut für Deutsche Wirtschaft (Institute for the German Economy) has produced an expert report on the office property market in Berlin and found that demand for high-quality office properties in the capital will continue to rise. No wonder, because with increasing digitalization, the number of jobs in industry and commerce is declining, and more and more people are working in the service sector instead.

But what kind of workplace do office workers want? It's clear that it should offer an advantage over the desk at home. People who go to the office to work do so in order to exchange ideas with colleagues - so we need workspaces that can be flexibly designed and communal spaces with a high quality of stay. This is an exciting task for us as project developers and a great opportunity for the asset class.  

And in the meantime, not only project developers but also the users themselves are attaching importance to the aspect of sustainability. As the abbreviation "ESG" clearly expresses, this is not just about protecting the environment with the help of a low-energy building, but also about meeting social criteria and acting in a responsible corporate manner. I am optimistic that we are already succeeding in meeting all these criteria in new projects, and I am eager to hear the feedback from future users.

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Yours, Stefan Klingsöhr 

1_In Berlin

1_In Berlin

Even in economically difficult times, the KLINGSÖHR group of companies succeeds in finding customers for its products. A sign that quality work prevails even in uncertain times.

An overview of our current lettings:


Creditsafe moves into SHED

Together with DERECO, we have leased 1,000 square meters of space to Creditsafe Deutschland in Berlin-Neukölln. Creditsafe is a global credit reporting agency and will move into the space in the fourth quarter of 2023. The SHED building ensemble offers a total of 35,000 square meters for offices, start-ups and gastronomy and is also used by the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The investment volume amounts to around 200 million euros.

Foundever leases 5,400 square meters in SHED

Foundever has leased 5,400 square meters on the fourth and fifth floors in SHED's main building. The company provides customer experience solutions. Worldwide, 170,000 employees take care of the customer experiences of more than 750 brands and companies. Colliers assisted with the lease.

Datagroup moves into SHED on 1,600 sqm.

The full-service provider and one of Germany's leading IT service companies has leased 1,600 square meters on the third floor of SHED's main building. Kasten-Mann was involved in the lease.

we.CONECT leases 1,600 sqm in SHED

Also together with DERECO, we leased 1,600 square meters on the third floor of SHED's main building to we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH. The internationally active media company develops B2B events, decision-making networks and event technologies and makes these available to its clients. CBRE acted as agent for the lease.

Amnesty International Germany moves its German headquarters to SHED

The German branch of the human rights organization Amnesty International has leased 2,000 square meters in the SHED project. The non-governmental non-profit organization will move into rental space on the second floor of the main building in the Neukölln joint project of the KLINGSÖHR group of companies and DERECO.

1Komma5° moves into 1,100 m² in LOFT

Together with DERECO, we have leased 1,100 square meters to 1Komma5°, a fast-growing, pan-European start-up specializing in the field of CO2-neutral energy systems. The space is located on the first floor, second floor and second floor of the LOFT building, the first of four buildings in the SHED project. The first floor will house a showroom and a tech lab. The lease was brokered by Angermann.

Fully leased in Spandau

In the medical center WILHELM23 at Wilhelmstraße 23a in Berlin-Spandau, we have leased to a dermatologist. The future tenant will occupy a total of 230 square meters on the third floor. Seeger KG has also taken a lease here. With these leases, our property is fully let. We are thus helping to close the gap in the medically underserved district of Spandau.

New medical center

We have leased the first space at Galenstrasse 6 in Berlin-Spandau to an internist. A new medical center is being built there, in which a specialist practice for internal medicine has leased 660 square meters on the first floor for 15 years. The building meets all the requirements for modern medical practices, with a total of around 3,900 square meters of usable space available. The property is conveniently located and has good public transport links. There is ample parking and a handicapped-accessible passenger elevator.

DHL moves into HOHE NEUN

In the HOHE NEUN project in Berlin-Neukölln, we have leased 1,250 square meters to Deutsche Post DHL Group together with DERECO. Deutsche Post DHL Group will use the lower floors of the office building as a city hub for last-mile distribution with e-trikes. The HOHE NEUN high-rise comprises 11,000 square meters of usable space on twelve floors.

wwwe GmbH rents 800 m² at HOHE NEUN

The full-service Internet agency wwwe has leased 800 square meters and thus the entire ninth floor in the HOHE NEUN project. Engel & Völkers Commercial Berlin acted as intermediary in the transaction.

2_In discussion

2_In discussion

How is the market for office real estate developing in Berlin?

Stefan Klingsöhr, Managing Director of the Klingsöhr Group, talked about this with Professor Michael Voigtländer in our new edition of the Klingsöhr Podcast. He heads the "International Economic Policy, Financial and Real Estate Markets" cluster at the Institute of the German Economy (IW) in Cologne and recently published an expert report on the prospects for Berlin's office property market.

In an interview, Voigtländer talks about what makes Berlin stand out as a location for office real estate. For him, it is clear that demand for office real estate will increase in the capital, because the office employment rate of 42.8 percent is the lowest of all the top seven cities, while at the same time the number of inhabitants is steadily rising. In addition, the number of jobs in industry and commerce is decreasing and the service sector is gaining in importance.

Voigtländer also explains how mobile working and ESG have changed the requirements for office real estate - and what should not be missing in the office of the future despite possibly reduced space.

Listen to the podcast in full here: https://klingsoehr.com/de/podcast/

3_In the media

3_In the media

In the second and third quarter of this year, the Klingsöhr Group was again represented in various media, to which our work was worth reporting.  


The "Immobilien Zeitung" reported on our HOHE NEUN project on Neuköllnische Allee. Entitled "Hohe Neun sets standards in Berlin-Neukölln", the article describes how the Berlin district has developed in recent years and what makes it an attractive location for office real estate today, also from Stefan Klingsöhr's point of view.

>> Link to article

The continuing high demand for high-quality offices was the subject of the Inside issue "Energy & Real Estate" of the "Handelsblatt". In her article, the author refers to the results of the expert report "Perspectives for the Berlin Office Market", which was commissioned by the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft. Stefan Klingsöhr also has his say in the article and talks about the requirements that the office of the future should meet.

>> Link to article

CEO Stefan Klingsöhr spoke to "Intelligent Investors" about the valuation of real estate. For him, it is clear that this has changed significantly against the background of ESG, climate protection and "carbon footprint". Buyers increasingly value certified properties, and properties that do not meet these requirements have a hard time on the market.  

>> Link to article

"Berlin - the last paradise for investors?" Stefan Klingsöhr explores this thesis in a guest article of the same name published in the magazine "Immobilien & Finanzierung". And clarifies: The Berlin market defies in turbulent times of recession, inflation and unemployment like hardly another in Germany. Above all, the service sector and Berlin's innovation and technology industry are making a major contribution to this, which is why office properties in the capital are still in high demand.

>> Link to article

"Berlin remains optimistic" - this is the title of an article in the "Politics and Business" section of the magazine "Immobilienwirtschaft". In it, various Berlin industry representatives have their say who see the capital's real estate market on the upswing. One of them is Stefan Klingsöhr, who talked to the authors about our projects in Neukölln, among other things.


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